Polar King

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Berber Lined Vest (35.--)

Picture of Berber Lined Vest (35.--)
Berber Lined Vest


Boys/Youth Insulated Duck Bib Overall

Picture of Boys/Youth Insulated Duck Bib Overall
Boys/Youth Insulated Duck Bib Overall (259.--)


Diamond Quilted Vest

Picture of Diamond Quilted Vest
Diamond Quilted Vest (30.01)


Flannel Lined Duck Dungaree

Picture of Flannel Lined Duck Dungaree
Duck Dungaree, Flannel Lined, Relaxed Fit (455.--)


Flannel Lined Shirt Jac

Picture of Flannel Lined Shirt Jac
Flannel Lined Shirt Jac (554.--)


Fleece Lined Canvas Dungaree

Picture of Fleece Lined Canvas Dungaree
Fleece Lined Canvas Dungaree with Teflon fabric Protector (440.--)


Fleece Lined Hooded Jacket

Picture of Fleece Lined Hooded Jacket
Fleece Lined Hooded Jacket (337.xx)


Freezerwear Bib Overall

Picture of Freezerwear Bib Overall
Freezerwear Bib Overall (233.01)


Freezerwear Coat

Picture of Freezerwear Coat
Freezerwear Coat (333.01)


Freezerwear Coverall

Picture of Freezerwear Coverall
Freezerwear Coverall


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