Jan 26th 2021 | Morgan Lea

Michelle grew up on her friend's farm and led a young life full of agriculture. She was the classic 4H girl doing farm chores well into high school. But in rebellion, she headed west and received a degree in fashion, working for Gucci and then living in downtown Chicago. Through all of this, Michelle bought into the media perception of farming. Buy organic or go home.

Many years went by, and Michelle traveled to 62 countries on all seven continents. It wasn't until she met her significant other that she found the love of farming in her adult life.

Donning the handle Farm Babe, Michelle went to work. Educating consumers with the barebones food production truths concerning the farming industry. Michelle worked on a 2,200-acre farm growing corn, soybeans, oats, and alfalfa and is home to sheep and cattle with her significant other and his family.

After 2020, however, Michelle has since gone and found her own farm space in Florida. She is slowly building from the ground up. Starting with goats and sheep with hopes of eventually adding cattle and crops.

Advocating for truth in the farming industry has turned Michelle into an outspoken and passionate speaker, influencer, and teacher. Clearing the air and opening dialog with curious minds.

Check out her merch store here for humorous and light-hearted farming apparel.

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