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A History of Tradition

The Home of Key Work Clothes

The Tried and True Choice Since 1908

To meet the workwear clothing needs of farmers and ranchers who were toiling sunup to sundown on the eastern edge of America’s Great Plains, C. A. Lakin and Harry McKey established the Lakin-McKey Manufacturing Company in Fort Scott, Kansas in 1908.

Knowing the rugged lives these men endured, the two company founders built their first pair of bib overalls with heavy-duty denim and triple-needle stitched seams. But Lakin-McKey clothing was built to move easy, too, throughout long days on the plains. And it carried a price that hard working men considered a fair deal.

KEY Apparel Today

Today, KEY apparel is just as trusted and relied upon by America’s hardest working as it was over 100 years ago. KEY provides the most durable, value-based workwear in the apparel industry. Our consistent, comfortable, work-ready apparel make us a tried and true choice for those who need clothing that works as hard as they do. 

In The Office And In The Field

KEY clothing stands up to the rigors of the job at hand and lasts season after season at the best value. Whether the hard work is in the office or in the field, KEY provides feature-rich, value-based workwear that customers know and trust.


Quality Workwear That Looks Good 

KEY Apparel’s 110-year experience in the workwear clothing industry not only means we make the most reliable, durable workwear for rugged use, but also means we offer the best value. 

We’ve developed a process for creating clothing that appeals to our more traditional customers while forging into the future with our trend-based, modern clothing lines. You can expect quality, tough workwear that also looks good when you’re not hard at work.