We’re proud of where we came from and the people who inspire KEY workwear. Over the last 115 years, our mission hasn’t changed much, but our legacy has grown to include more than tough workwear.

Our legacy is you.

We’re traveling the U.S. to find and share the stories of hardworking families like yours. Every family passes down traditions, values and skills from generation to generation. You hope to leave something better behind.

Believe us when we say: You are.

Believe us when we say:
You are.


Hanger Homestead

Wil runs his own construction and renovation business. He learned about carpentry and craftsmanship from his grandpa. Three generations later, Wil is building his own legacy for his daughter.

Lauren & Ben

Simply Country Ranch

Lauren and Ben live on their family’s seventh-generation ranch in Oklahoma. On Simply Country Ranch, the couple raises beef cattle and invites the community to experience life on the farm.

LtCol J.C.

Prime Inc.

LtCol J.C. is a retired 30-year Marine and the proud owner of Pressing Forward Express LLC, a trucking company. J.C.'s mission continues today as he trains and hires veteran drivers.

Mike & Larry

FormPak Inc.

For over 25 years, Mike and Larry have owned FormPak, Inc. These two friends and their team manufacture and sell machinery for bulk bags. With no children to pass the company on to, Mike and Larry see its future in their employees.

Dusty & Lacy

Snyder Construction Group

Larry Snyder founded Snyder Construction Group in 1978. In 2001, Dusty and Lacy joined the family company and accelerated its growth. While nothing is set in stone, another generation of the Snyder family may enter the business one day.


Whistle Redi-Mix, Inc.

Ryan of Whistle Redi-Mix follows in his father’s footsteps. In 1987, Jim Whistle established his first concrete plant. After Jim passed away in 2020, Ryan took over the family business to continue the legacy his father left behind.


Every family has a story. Share yours. Tell us about your family, your work and the legacy you’re building.

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