Jun 27th 2022

Coveralls are a key piece of workwear for many hardworking professionals, from mechanics and woodworkers to farmers and electricians. Keeping you protected from the elements as well as from dirt and grease, coveralls are often compared to overalls - but they have some specific differences that set them apart

If you’re ordering coveralls online (especially for the first time), you might have questions about how to size coveralls or be on the lookout for a coveralls size chart.

Finding your size in coveralls might seem impossible, but this overview should give you all the information you need to find the right size for you and avoid having to order multiple sizes and sending some back.

How to size coveralls

When it comes to men's coveralls, you’ll need to know what style you're going for, as there is a slight sizing difference based on whether you need insulated or unlined coveralls.

You should also bear in mind that coveralls run slightly larger than regular clothes as you’ll typically wear your regular clothes underneath. That means you need to have extra room under your coveralls for any layers you already have on.

Also, as coveralls tend to be measured differently by different manufacturers, the best thing to do is to know your own measurements.

If you don’t know your size, use a soft tape measure to measure your chest, waist, and inseam, as in this image:

How to size coveralls

We recommend taking your measurements over the underclothes you’d normally wear. When you measure your waist, bend back and forth to locate your natural curves and measure across the widest part.

A big misconception is that your waist size in pants is the same as coveralls. For example, if you normally wear your pants below the belly, the waist size will be a smaller number than you’ll need for coveralls. The coveralls have to go around the belly, so the widest area around your waist is what you need to measure.

You can either measure the inside of your leg or a pair of pants you already own to get your correct inseam.

When you’ve taken your measurements and found the perfect pair of coveralls, check out the coveralls size chart and compare it to your measurements to find the size you need. You’ll typically find a size chart like this on most websites selling men’s coveralls:

Coveralls size chart

If you’re particularly short or tall, look for coveralls that come in different lengths. At KEY, for example, you can buy men’s coveralls in short, regular, and tall

Will coveralls shrink after washing?

If you’re unsure of what will happen to the size of your coveralls after you wash them, don’t worry.

When you buy KEY coveralls, shrinkage is very minor and we allow for it in our measurements. That means your coveralls will still be the right size for you, no matter how many times you wash them, as long as they’re laundered according to care label instructions.

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