Oct 17th 2021 | Morgan Lea

Living on the land and loving every day of it. The NarroWay Homestead crew of three are on their way to self-sufficient homesteading. Nate Petroski, his wife, and his sister found their place to call home in West Virginia where they raise animals, do a little bit of gardening, forage, and educate people on how to live off the land themselves.

From cooking to cleaning to maintaining

Creating a self-sufficient homestead wouldn’t be possible without a whole lot of team work. The three separate the tasks into distinct categories, one takes the cooking and cleaning, another takes care of the animals, and Nate Petroski takes on the role of maintenance and streamlining the processes of the homestead. Nate being a career contractor for 15 years has come in handy for the team being that he he has created many of the systems that homestead has in place today like the digging a trench for water, setting up the solar power, and building the outdoor kitchen.

The homestead while providing a place for the trio to live and work also is home to a few businesses. NarroWay Homestead has merchandise, sells coffee beans, and breeds guinea pigs.

Jeans for the homesteader

Petroski’s favorite piece of KEY Apparel is without a doubt is the jeans with the reinforced knees. Specifically, the hammer loop combined with the reinforced knees make these pants an unstoppable force in homesteading. And when he’s not educating and entertaining on social media, Nate is putting those jeans to the test. You can follow Petroski on TikTok @Natepetroski

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