Dec 8th 2021

Kelly Griggs forms a vital part of the family team behind Griggs Farm where corn, cotton, wheat, and soybeans have been farmed since 1882. Some of Kelly’s day-to-day duties include driving the equipment, planting, harvesting, and repairing equipment, as well as spraying crops throughout the year.

By her own admission, Kelly is an extreme extrovert, while her husband is an introvert. So while Kelly splits her farming duties with her husband, she also manages their successful social media accounts for the farm. Kelly shares Griggs Farm, and behind-the-scenes insights into farming, through her Instagram and YouTube channel to “show the non-ag industry just how amazing farming is and tell them the truth about farming through a farmers perspective.”

Having grown up in Chicago, it wasn’t until Kelly married into farming that she discovered the other side of agriculture, and how farms feed and clothe the entire world!

Kelly uses her social accounts to connect with people from all walks of life. She shares the tough reality of hard farming work with other farmers, while educating consumers about where their products really come from. Kelly says, “People relate to us in a way that lets them feel they aren’t alone in the chaos that is farming. We pride ourselves on being open and honest and we don’t hide the ugly part of farming.” It is this honesty that has helped grow Kelly’s online community, with Kelly admitting, “we get more engagement and views when we are our dysfunctional selves.”

Working closely with us here at KEY, Kelly trusts KEY workwear to get the job done. We recently caught up with her to talk about what life is like on the farm.

Dedicated to regenerative farming

Kelly and her husband are quick to recognize the importance of sustainable practices in farming, telling us, “we are dedicated to regenerative farming, have been no-till since the 70s, and we’re one of the leading farms in the country for utilizing cover crops and chicken litter.”

With a deep passion for educating her followers, Kelly is determined to show the world what goes on in the creation of products that they use every single day. She actively encourages people to purchase cotton and encourages consumers to check their clothing labels. Kelly sees every cotton purchase as a huge win for the farming industry. She has many catchy taglines to get people thinking about cotton, with her favorites including, “I smash your undies” and “We Know Undies.”

Workwear for the elements

Kelly and her husband champion KEY products because of the ultimate combination of durability and cost-effectiveness. Living in an area that has high humidity and dew points six to seven months out of the year, quality clothing is essential, and for them breathable cotton is a product that actually works.

Proud to support another family-run business, Kelly also tells us that the rising costs of farming equipment is making cost-effective clothing a must for farmers. Struggling to pick just one item, her favorite KEY pieces include the overalls, hats, t-shirts, and women’s outerwear.

In her downtime, Kelly indulges in her love of photography by capturing Grigg’s Farm, and other local farms, at different times of the year. When they’re not hard at work on the farm, Kelly and her husband enjoy visiting other farms they’ve connected with via social media, heading to the beach or hiking in the Smoky Mountains.

Kelly is currently involved in a two-year project about cover crops with the cotton industry. Keep up to date with her socials for more information, and shop your KEY workwear right here.

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