Aug 4th 2022

A lot has happened over the last 110 years. Two world wars. A man on the moon. Our first African American president.

And KEY Apparel’s bib overalls have been there to see the lot.

Since making our first pair of denim bib overalls in 1908, KEY workwear has kept people warm, comfortable, protected, and stylish whether in the fields or in the street. Now that we have the internet, our clothing ranges have picked up a ton of 5-star reviews, too.

Here are just a few reasons why KEY bib overalls have stood the test of time (and why you should really grab a pair for yourself).

There are bib overalls for everyone

With our men’s, women’s, and kid’s workwear ranges, the whole family is ready to head outside for work or play in matching bib overalls. We offer plenty of waist and inseam options, and the adjustable strap and button side closure features let you reach maximum comfort. Our men’s Flex Duck Bib Overall in particular uses 2% spandex flex duck to create adjustable straps with elastic inserts, making it suitable for any man on the job.

Superior comfort at the highest quality

KEY workwear is a popular option across a variety of industries, from farming and garden maintenance to construction and engineering. And when you’ve got a tough and active job, you need clothes that keep you comfortable.

Our bib overalls are specifically built with this comfort in mind. They’re made of breathable cotton to keep you cool in summer, with insulated and duck fabric options for the winter months. And if the day switches on you halfway through, layer your overalls with a Polar King Citadel Chore Jacket to keep warm.

The high-quality materials we use to make bib overalls are held together with triple-stitched seams to prevent rips and tears. Many options also include scuff plates on the knees to protect against wear from kneeling on hard surfaces. That means you can enjoy comfortable and long-lasting workwear for any application.

Convenient and functional

While denim bib overalls are a fashionable complement to cozy turtlenecks and flash sneakers, they’re primarily designed for manual labor. KEY bib overalls are highly flexible, allowing total range of movement to prevent them from interrupting your work. We’ve even kept this practical feature across our kid’s range, giving your little one total freedom to run, climb, and explore until their heart’s content.

Exceptional durability

To ensure robustness even in the toughest conditions, KEY workwear is built to last. Our bib overalls have options for reinforced front, hip, and back pockets, heavy-duty zippers, and even double—knee with cleanout for the most intense work. And since they don’t need to be replaced often, choosing KEY bib overalls lets you save money while protecting the environment from unnecessary waste.

Maximum utility

The versatile features of KEY overalls give you high performance in all kinds of activities. As well as plenty of reinforced utility pockets, they include tool loops, oversized pockets, a hammer loop on the leg, and insulated options for colder weather. That means you can stay well-equipped on the job without repeat trips to your toolbox.

A touch of style

Although classic denim bib overalls are still in fashion today, the look isn’t for everyone. That’s why we also carry duck and striped overalls, with all styles available in a range of colors. Add to that our trademark bib pocket design, and your KEY bib overalls ensure you have a tasteful wardrobe every day of the week.

Grab your pair of comfortable, smart, and strong overalls today

KEY workwear has remained popular for over a century because it offers an excellent combination of quality, durability, freedom, and comfort while still looking great. And with our men’s, women’s, and kid’s ranges available in many different colors and sizes, there are KEY bib overalls to suit every person and need.

Visit our online store today to grab your pair of bib overalls.

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