Jan 18th 2022

Allison Lahey describes herself as a typical farm wife and mom. Living and working on her family’s Southwest Kansas farm, she does office work, pays bills, checks cattle from April to November during harvest, as well as running errands, and getting parts for the farm.

Farming is in Allison’s blood and knowing where her food comes from has always been an important part of her life. Her father worked on a farm, and her aunt and uncle owned a nearby grocery store when she was growing up, which showed her the value that farmers bring to our table. Allison says that the exact moment she realized “just how important farming is” was when she watched her dad pull a calf from a cow when she was just five years old.

The work behind farming five types of crop and cattle

Allison now helps to farm wheat, corn, beans, milo, and cotton, as well as ranching cattle. She tells us that her favorite crop is wheat because of it’s pretty look, but that cotton is a close second. In a life that can often be overwhelming, she credits pre- and post-harvest machine maintenance for keeping things running seamlessly. She also says that taking care of things as soon as an issue arises means that most major disasters are avoided. The cattle are regularly checked and each member of the family has their own job.

In terms of how important KEY is to Allison’s role as a farmer and busy mom, she tells us that having durable, hardworking clothing is vital; “the last thing you want to worry about while working is unreliable or uncomfortable clothes. No matter what the day brings, we want comfortable and good quality clothes.”

With a strong belief in making sustainable choices, Allison also loves that KEY is based in her home state of Kansas. She tries to support American companies wherever possible - especially those from her very own state!

We asked Allison what other things she likes about KEY products, including her favorite products. From sizing choices to high-quality customer service, Allison tells us that “the clothes are quality and comfortable, which is important for every one of us here. Whether you are on the tractor, working under it to fix something or loading cattle feed, I know that the clothes and accessories from KEY will not only be comfortable but lasting.”

On the farm, the vote for favorite KEY products goes to the shirts and hats. Allison says that KEY’s choice of hats is perfect for protecting yourself from strong sun rays and harsh heat. Similarly, Allison enjoys KEY’s endless range of durable shirts that offer different colors, designs, and styles with pockets, taped seams, and completely breathable fabrics. Allison says they’re perfect for when you have to come home and change during the day.

Farm to table, hand, body & everywhere else!

Like any other farm, the work done on Allison’s family farm is hard labor. She tells us that it disappoints her that so many people today think farming is a problem. “Farmers are so much more than food on the table. It’s the clothes you wear, the ethanol you use, to the coffee you drink every day. Farmers are responsible for it all! We care deeply about animals, the water usage, and the ground.” Acting with compassion in everything she does, Allison tells us that the main mission of her farm, and many across America, is trying to make the planet better for the next generations to come.

When she’s not working hard with the crops and cattle, Allison loves spending time crafting with her kids. On a nice day, the whole family will drive out to see the cattle and sit together with a picnic in the pasture for a truly peaceful day. Well, it’s peaceful most of the time! 

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