Jan 26th 2021

Sparking a real difference in the dairy industry, the NY Farm Girls take great pride in their New York family farm. Sisters Evelyn (21), Claudia (18), and Jojo (16) teach people who might be far removed from dairy farming (or “non-ags”) about what it’s really like, from birthing calves to caring for milking cows. Their mantra? "Ask a farmer, not Google."

NY Farm Girls

The fight for equality

The three sisters, the fourth generation of their family to run the farm, have one mission: to normalize women in the farming industry. Women in any male-dominated field can find it a challenge, experiencing derogatory comments or the simple disbelief that they can accomplish a task.

The NY Farm Girls actively fight against these types of misconceptions, and advocate for change in the industry. Recently they have partnered with us here at KEY Apparel, American Agri-Women, and others to launch a campaign supporting women in agriculture. The campaign, called "Face of a Female Farmer", encourages women to post their stories while wearing this shirt.

Each shirt sold means $4 goes directly to American Agri-Women, the nation's biggest coalition of women in the agriculture industry from producers to teachers.

How the NY Farm Girls took over Instagram

After noticing the lack of female farmer representation on Instagram, the NY Farm Girls decided to use this platform to showcase everything they do on the Leubner farm - and break down the stereotypes while they’re at it. And they do a lot more than take pictures! Their main goal is to educate their followers on why certain activities or events are happening and how they are done.

When speaking to farmers, the NY Farm Girls ask for more advocates. The more farmers advocating for agriculture (or “agvocating”) and showing their passion for dairy farming, the more informed we will all be about the food we’re eating and the industry we’re supporting.

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