Dec 20th 2021

After moving his family from Cleveland, OH, down to the Nashville, TN, area, Matt found himself with a “real need to fill our new home with furniture and not enough money to do it.”

At this point, his wife encouraged him to try some DIY furniture projects, which kickstarted an entirely new passion — culminating in MWA Woodworks.

We recently caught up with Matt to discuss how his projects have progressed, what keeps his passion alive, and how quality workwear makes a difference for him.

Destination DIY: From tinkering to master of the trade

Matt began woodworking as a hobby in 2012, using his two-car garage as a space to try out different techniques, and he soon fell in love with the craft as he learned.

In 2014, he took the leap to go full-time, operating his own business making and selling custom cutting boards all over the country and internationally. The woodshop business continued to grow, and in 2019 Matt decided to pivot toward teaching and inspiring others, taking inspiration from those he looked to for advice and tips during his own learning process.

Matt has also launched his YouTube channel, which focuses on a broad range of woodworking disciplines from cabinetry to furniture and home renovation, and has been met with huge success. Gaining quite a following thanks to his advice and expertise, Matt also shares his work on Instagram and TikTok.

Using woodworking to become a self-taught success

Matt’s first ever DIY project was an entryway bench, which he crafted using only a small set of basic tools and the guidance of woodworking magazines alongside online videos. Entirely self-taught, Matt owes a fair amount of his expertise to those who dedicated their time to recording and sharing free information about the craft.

After seeing the wealth of expertise provided across the various online platforms that allows people to pick up new skills and hobbies, Matt felt a pull to do the same so that he could give others the same benefit. Studying business in college, Matt is the ideal example of someone who has mastered a very hands-on craft without having any physical mentors, simply because he put his mind to it.

The right tools for the job

From a basic, simple set to his current kitted-out workshop, Matt has first-hand experience when it comes to the importance of good tools. His very first tool was a job site table saw bought for him for his birthday, while his most-favored tool is the trusted table saw.

The workwear he chooses is equally as important, as Matt needs clothing that can deal with handling rough timbers, being covered with dust, and still manage to look good on camera for his videos. This is where KEY plays a critical role for him, supplying him with attractive branded workwear and high-quality, breathable tees that work well throughout hot Tennessee summers.

When Matt isn’t tackling timber or recording his latest guide, he can usually be found out in the garden smoking meat on the grill or enjoying the great American outdoors, hiking or kayaking with his family.

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