Aug 24th 2022 | KEY Apparel

You want to be as comfortable as possible when working outdoors in the heat. KEY Apparel offers a wide range of breathable, light-weight work pants to help keep you focused on the job instead of the heat. 

How to Wear Pants in Hot Weather

When it comes to work pants, not all pairs are created equal. Fabrics like denim come in many sizes, weights, and construction methods, and here are a few things to look for when hunting for hot weather pants.

  • Weight. Pay attention to the fabric weight. The heavier the fabric, the hotter you’ll be. Look for pants that are 12 oz or less.
  • Material. Choose pants that are made from 100% cotton. Synthetic fabrics like polyester don’t breathe well, so avoid those where you can.
  • Pre-Wash. If possible, find pants that have been washed before you buy them. Unwashed pants tend to be stiff, which results in less airflow and makes them hotter until you wash them yourself and break them in.
  • Relaxed Fit. While it can be entirely based on preference, relaxed fit pants tend to be cooler than traditional fit pants because they are wider in the seat and thigh and have a longer rise. More room means more air to keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Work Pants to Beat the Heat

At KEY Apparel, we have an assortment of lightweight work pants to help you stay cool and comfortable while working. Our Men’s Rip Stop Foreman Work Pants check all the right boxes for hot weather pants:

  • Relaxed Fit. These roomier pants give you the space to move comfortably in hot weather.
  • 100% Cotton. All natural cotton breathes as nothing else can. No synthetic fibers to trap heat here!
  • 9.5 oz Weight. These pants are on the lighter side, well below the recommended 12 oz.
  • Garment Washed. These pants have already been washed, making them soft and breathable right out of the box.

But besides being lightweight, roomy, and breathable, these work pants are also tough. The cotton Rip Stop fabric is woven with a special reinforced technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. Triple needle stitching and reinforced pockets contribute to their strength and durability. We highly recommend these comfortable work pants for those workers stooping, bending, and stretching out in the heat.

Are you looking for something more durable? We suggest taking a look at the Rip Stop Double Knee Dungarees. Like the Foreman Work Pants, these relaxed-fit dungarees are made from a lightweight 9.5 oz Rip Stop fabric made from 100% cotton. Garment washed for comfort, these pants are also triple needle stitched for durability but take resilience one step further by adding a layer of fabric reinforcing the knee area. This extra layer can be especially helpful if you spend much of your workday on your knees.

For those who like the classic blue jean look, you’ll find our relaxed fit Ring Spun Denim Dungaree and Cell Phone Pocket Denim Jeans are excellent choices. Both are made from a slightly heavier 12 oz denim and enzyme washed to provide that worn-in look and feel. The Ring Spun Denim Dungarees are made from high-grade ring-spun cotton, making them feel soft while still being durable. And thanks to their triple-needle stitching, reinforced pockets, and rivets at stress points, they’ll last a long time. The Cell Phone Pocket Denim Jeans, meanwhile, have reinforced front pockets, double needle contrast stitching, and an antique brass button waistband.

It’s essential to keep cool this summer. Hot temperatures can be a risk to your health if you aren’t careful, especially when you’re working outdoors. Besides staying hydrated, wearing loose, breathable, cotton fabric workwear is important to keep you from overheating. Remember to be careful and stay safe from the heat on and off the job.

 View our selection of hot weather work pants today!

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