Jan 25th 2021

With over 267,000 subscribers on YouTube and 36,000+ on Instagram, DIY Tyler has been creating videos of his DIY endeavors for over ten years. A self-made DIYer, Tyler and his wife both discovered their passion for taking projects into their own hands after purchasing their first home and finding that many of the furnishings and contract work they were paying for were sub-par.

Tyler always felt like he could do it better himself...and he could! And so the DIYTyler social media channels were born, allowing followers to learn alongside Tyler about all things home renovation.

Do-it-yourself craftsmanship

DIY Tyler

Tyler’s banner across his YouTube page and picture on his Instagram profile describe his projects as working with “wood, metal…everything”. With a huge amount of talent and a natural ability for engineering, Tyler makes quality content that entertains and inspires. Viewers get a front-row seat to watching Tyler “figure it out” while having fun and proving it's best to “do it himself”.

Tyler hosts a show on Wood, DIY, Metal, LTL and even offers blueprint plans for DIYers working to better their own home. Home improvement is the mantra behind everything DIYTyler. From chairs to kitchen islands, you can find the blueprint to do-it-yourself on his site. Tyler does, however, stress that working with wood and metal and DIY in general can be incredibly dangerous, so training to use the required tools is absolutely necessary.

A family affair

Tyler operates out of his home in Michigan, where he lives with his wife and family. You can often see different family members popping in and out of his videos and making appearances on his social media channel, proving that many projects can become a family affair providing you follow the correct safety precautions.

Tyler’s day job is in engineering, and so he spends his free time indulging in creative DIY projects, along with other essential fixes and features for his family home.

Tyler and KEY - a match made in hard work

"We are proud to have Tyler as part of the KEY family. His creativity and ingenuity have made him a master at his trade, and KEY is proud to provide him with the workwear he uses every day."

- George Yaghmour, VP of Sales & Marketing for KEY Industries

Here at KEY, we are incredibly proud to have partnered with Tyler, who loves our workwear, hats and t-shirts. You can often see him making the most of our gear in his videos, proving that all KEY Apparel is made with comfort and quality in mind. That being said, don’t just take our word for it! Read what Tyler has to say about KEY workwear below.

"I am tough on clothes, but KEY Apparel stands up better and is more comfortable than anything I have worn. Details like tags with safety pins and large pocket openings are game-changers! Just need a paint splatter printed on so it doesn't look like I got paint on my shirt the first time I put it on!"

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