Jan 25th 2021 | Morgan Lea

Picture a regular cow. Now make it about a quarter of the size, and you’ve got the famous mini cow. Now picture a little herd of them plus their fun-loving caretaker, and you have the TikTok sensation MiniCowGirl!

Mooving on up

Behind the scenes of the hilarious TikTok videos, you will find the woman who made it happen. She originally had a herd of regular-sized cows with pasture for them to graze. And though she loves them, when the MiniCowGirl sets her mind to something, she goes after it. After seeing many videos and pictures of adorable little mini cows, she finally made the jump and got one for herself.

Her first mini cow was an inspiration for the life she now leads, and that cow's daughter has since become her logo and the face of her brand. Her very first mini calf is on everything from her hats to her hoodies (and even some fan creations), and she wouldn't have it any other way.

The MiniCowGirl has since grown her herd from one to eight. She now has a few pregnant girls, so come spring, eight will jump again to 13.

Why mini cows?

Why would anyone want a miniature cow? (Besides the obvious cuteness.) Mini cows produce the same milk and beef that regular-sized cows do. Yep, it's the same! The only difference is they take up less acreage, and the production level is lower. Instead of enough meat for a butcher’s shop, a mini cow provides enough for a large personal freezer. And rather than needing 20 or more acres for a herd of 15 cows, mini cows take up half the space. The mini cow is not only adorable, it’s economical.

We are happy to have MiniCowGirl as a partner, and now with her store live, we couldn't be happier to see more and more people find joy with the mini cow. Rep your support for the adorable cows and the Mini CowGirl who takes care of them by supporting quality workwear crafted by experts in the USA.

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