Dec 10th 2020 | Kaden Wimmer

Here at KEY Apparel, we’re well aware of the blood, sweat, tears and grit that goes into a hard day’s work. That’s why we believe that quality workwear should protect and serve you without doing damage to your wallet. Specializing in durable, reliable, and well-designed workwear since 1908, we take pride in providing for those who need their workwear to work as hard as they do.

Made for hard work

With over a century of experience in creating the most reliable and rugged clothes for laborers, KEY began in 1908 with our first pair of bib overalls made using heavy-duty denim and triple needle stitched seams. This expert engineering is still used today to ensure longevity and protection even after endless use.

Other techniques we use to create quality workwear that’s also comfortable round the clock, include:

  • 100% cotton composition
  • Reinforced pockets
  • Enzyme washing for added comfort

That’s where the real value comes in - you’ll find our workwear robust enough to wear day-in, day-out, so you won’t have to keep buying replacement garments.

Originally designed for farmers and ranchers who spent their days toiling sunup to sundown on America's Great Plains, we now cater for all workwear needs, including flame resistant specifications and hi-vis.

Workwear for the office & the great outdoors

Designing and creating affordable workwear for all areas of expertise, we’ve extended our range from tried and trusted bib overalls and denim dungarees to include hi-vis and flame resistant workwear. Our classic lines of dungarees and overalls also offer insulated options for the colder months and challenging conditions.

Alongside the collection of practical workwear designed with the outdoors in mind, we’ve also launched a line of comfortable and high-quality clothing that can be worn anywhere, including the  office. From athletic essentials to stylish flannels, we believe we’ve mastered the balance of both performance and comfort when it comes to clothing, giving you more for your money.

Specializing in both men and women’s lifestyle wear, you’ll find everything from button-down shirts to DIY hoodies crafted from ultra-soft, insulating fabric in our collection. 

Quality workwear at KEY Apparel

Quality workwear that gives you bang for your buck

We know that poor quality workwear can sometimes affect your ability to get the job done, and can be expensive when you just need everyday basics. That’s why we strive to provide a high-end product that’s built to last, without breaking the bank.

An important element of safety and security in the workplace is replacing your gear when it gets too worn, particularly for those needing flame resistant workwear. Rather than risk injury by not replacing your workwear when you need to, our affordable price range ensures that you’re protected and comfortable in any environment.

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